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Keepmail is a powerful email management tool that allows you to easily manage your email subscriptions, block spam, and forward emails to messengers.

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The ideal option for those who value information and like productivity

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Our surveys show that many important emails are regularly ignored

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You may check your messenger more than your email, but you still receive valuable emails

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We want the option to hide our email and easily unsubscribe from mailing lists

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What say our clients about us

Heleana from's avatar
Heleana from videodeck.coCo-founder

Congrats on the launch! 🚀I can see myself using this when I want to test some newsletters without overwhelming my inbox. But most importantly, I love that this gives you the chance to protect your privacy online a little better.

Svitlana Palamarchuk's avatar
Svitlana PalamarchukHead of Product at Charge

Keepmail appears to be a valuable tool in the quest for improved online privacy and security. Disposable email addresses are a great way to avoid spam and protect your primary email address from potential threats. The added functionality of managing all the addresses from one place and the advanced security features certainly add to its appeal. It's nice to see innovative solutions like this for managing and safeguarding our digital communications. Well done, Keepmail team!

Web3 has long been seeking effective solutions for customer communication challenges. Users are hesitant to share their email addresses to prevent unwanted spam. It's fantastic to see projects emerging that tackle this problem. I believe it's a win-win situation: customers can have peace of mind knowing their privacy is protected, while still receiving valuable information from trusted projects.

Ivan Sokolov's avatar
Ivan SokolovCreator of,

Great solution! I really liked the feature that I can easily see all my email subscriptions and opt-out of them from one place.

Serafim's avatar
Serafim@letoxyz @via_protocol @UnilinkDotSo

I recently tried and I'm excited It's the perfect solution for anyone who wants to keep their inbox organized and secure.

Vlad Zivkovic's avatar
Vlad ZivkovicStartup Gonzo

This is more than needed! Congratulations on your launch! 🚀🚀🚀

The best service I've ever seen for my needs! Minimal time spent interacting with the platform itself, I just get the emails for work right away and know exactly what email is tied to where.

Aleksandr Cryptoved I WAODAO's avatar
Aleksandr Cryptoved I WAODAOCrypto is our Freedom, WAODAO founder

Privacy is the freedom of digital world. Congrats with launch!

Daniil Balyabin's avatar
Daniil BalyabinCo-founder

This is a great tool for anyone looking to protect their online privacy! Keepmail makes it easy to create disposable email addresses and filter incoming messages. Plus, the added security features ensure you can stay confident in your online communication.

Sergey Vasin's avatar
Sergey VasinInvestor & mentor

I love relay to the messengers. IMO, this is the feature

Andrei Costea's avatar
Andrei CosteaCopywriter

Awesome! So many things possible with temporary email adresses! Congrats 🙌

Stepan Cherkasov's avatar
Stepan Cherkasov@

I like the idea of creating disposable email addresses - like I do with virtual banking cards. Great job guys!!

Frida's avatar
FridaService operator & Marketer at Slashpage

I love the idea! Is it possible to reuse a temporary email address that was used once before?

Mark Martemianov's avatar
Mark MartemianovFounder @ MicrogreenPlanner, DogreenFarm

Wish you best luck :3

I wish more people would understand importance of this app. Amazing, thank you guys.

Iurii Dorofeev's avatar
Iurii Dorofeevmemo cofounder

Just take my money 💰

Tracy's avatar
TracyProduct innovator

Great solution. Congratulations!

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